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Hall bathroom progress

Tiling Resources

YHL’s Step 4 - installing tile in the shower walls

YHL’s Step 3 - installing concrete board

tips for installing a backsplash


  • put down rosin paper on your countertops (over top of cardboard if you want to be extra careful) - or just use the cheaper brown construction paper without moisture protection if you’re pretty confident the cardboard will stop any thinset drips from seeping through…
  • use painter’s tape to secure cardboard and paper

backer board:

  • the tile back splash needs to be installed on top of cement board, not sheetrock…
  • "cement board (1/4″ thick Permabase Ultrabacker to be exact) was about $10 per 3ft x 5ft sheet after the 10% discount code that they offer everyone (YHL10)" from here

putting on thinset

most of these tips came from, where else? Young House Love.

subway tile on the cheap

.23 cent a pop subway tiles from Home Depot. and here’s a nice shot of the after-effect in the young house love bathroom (from the previous house).

and just in case we need any more ideas, here’s the original post from Young House Love.

Installing a Mortar Shower Pan

This dude Mark from HomeAdditionsPlus has some pretty great how-to videos. This one in particular is for installing a mortar shower pan for a stand-up shower. Plus there are videos for installing tile in the shower and also tips for removing ceramic tile.